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We work with the following


Contactless menu

Our menu is COVID friendly as it doesn’t require any physical contact. So it’s more safe and hygenic.

Grab the attention of the passers by

A lot of passers by are curious about the menu but they are shy or lazy to ask. Now they can just scan the code printed on the door and they will have the whole menu.

Saving tons of papers

No more reprinting after every single edit or price update. You can just change the prices in one minute and your customers can see it immediately. 

No more waiting

Many customers leave the place if they don’t receive a menu in 5 minutes. Now they can just scan the QR code and the menu will be on their phone. 

The whole group check the menu at the same time

Only few menus available for a big group? No problem, you don’t have to wait till every person decides their choice in order to check the menu.


  • Experience

    We have experience is this field as we have already developed multiple websites, web stores, mobile apps and more products for our clients over the past years.

  • Creativity

    We always try to be creative and find new original ideas in order to impress our clients with their own custom designs.

  • Reasonable price

    Our prices are simply the best in the market. We aren't trying to maintain the quality-price balance, we just do the best we can do for reasonable prices.

  • Simplicity

    We are always aiming for the simple and elegant designs as we believe that simplicity is the key to brilliance.

  • Reviews

    All our previous works have got the higheest customer satisfaction and they got what they expected and even more. You can check the reviews section on our company's website.

Starting from 10K HUF/month

Fancy customized QR code
PDF or hard copy of your menu
Fully customized web menu for your business
Pictures of the products you offer (optional)
Custom door or window poster
Custom table sticker with the QR code
Unlimited edits or revisions for your menu
QR code will be added to our clients section below, so you can achieve more customers

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